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Premium consists of highly educated thinking doers that can help you achieve your business ICT and IoT challenges.
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What we do

Our slogan is: “Fitting results through thought and action.” We help our customers with their ICT challenges. Regarding IoT Premium has its own laboratory. There we can show you how to make an open source based IoT solution from low-power sensors all the way to user interface graphs. With our Premium IoT Architectural model we can explain where and how existing and new systems can be coupled and where attention is needed regarding security, maintainability and compliance. Additionally we can investigate the potential of Big Data applications to see if it can lead to extra efficiency or to additional business.

How we can help

We always help our customer to circumvent known traps in the innovation process and to find extra possibilities and cost reductions. We like to inspire your thinking in brainstorm sessions. Which of your current company processes will benefit from an IoT solution ? What new business can be developed using IoT. If interesting options turn up, we subsequently can help you set up a Proof of Concept. As a source for inspiration Premium offers a Hands-on IoT workshop. You learn how to program Arduino’s yourself and relay sensor (electronics you assemble yourself) information (temperature, pressure, humidity etc. ) via an MQTT bus and Wifi to a central unit that is reached via the internet. The hands-on experience leads to extra insights and inspiration for the IoT brainstorm sessions.

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