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Internet of Things

IoT affects many different sectors. At the same time, it involves many different expertises at various levels, such as electronics, programming, protocols, strategy, business models and collaboration. On the basis of the sample programs, we look forward to working together with you on how we can work together.

Cooperated with

We have now collaborated with many different secondary and higher education organisations. These include:
Hogeschool Rotterdam
Hogeschool van Amsterdam
MBO Rijnland
Open universiteit
STC Group
Stenden Hogeschool
Stichting Meidendag
IoT for students

What we do

IoT is relevant for almost every sector and involves many different expertise at different levels. That is why it is good for students to understand the basics of IoT. We can help with:

Introduction of IoT, Data and/or Cyber Security
• Introduction presentation; basic and context topic
• Practical examples
• Workshop: doing it yourself is learning
• Possible to expand with Blockchain, AI or AR

Starting and/or supporting IoT design projects
• Idea generation
• Prototyping strategy
• Developing a prototype

Practice and Knowledge
• Initiatives linking IoT Academy partners and education

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Find handy hands-on information about IoT in our whitepapers. We develop and update these together with our partners.

IoT Platforms

IoT Platforms are currently very popular and seem indispensable in an IoT solution. There are now several hundred providers, and weekly new ones are added. This whitepaper aims to help you in this choice overflow. It gives you insight into the different IoT platforms and how these relate to other IoT components.

Download Whitepaper

Connectivity types

This whitepaper gives you an overview of a number of commonly used mobile communication protocols for IoT applications and explains the differences. We start with familiar protocols like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and end with LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) and 5G.

Download Whitepaper

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