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Apache Kafka is the most popular open-source stream processing software for collecting, managing, storing and analyzing data at scale. It is well-known for it's ultimate performance, low latency and fault tolerance and it's high throughput, being able to process thousands of messages per second.

With over 1000 Kafka use cases, a number that is ever growing and spanning from IoT to the central internal messaging system of organizations, we see a wide variety of applications: building data pipelines, using real-time dataflows, applying operational metrics and merging data from various sources.

Today, Kafka is used by numerous companies, among them more than 60% of the Fortune 100. Think The New York Times, LinkedIN, Rabobank, AirBNB, Netflix and so on. As the trusted tool for digitization and a source of innovation, Kafka empowers organizations to modernize their data strategy using event streaming architecture.

Klarrio, a system integrator with almost a decade of Kafka experience will give us a one-hour insight on how to manage Kafka. With do's and don'ts, best practices and all based on and served with real use cases.

Speakers:  Yoni van der Taelen, marketing director && Bruno de Bus, CTO - Klarrio

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Yoni van der Taelen, marketing director Klarrio

Bruno de Bus, CTO Klarrio

Sven van der Meer, Commercial Product Manager KPN

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