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Do we call ourselves innovative? We don't say that we are, we prove it. Time after time. We don't do what others expect of us. We continue. We create the expectation. That is our job. That drives us.
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What we do

Internet-Of-Things (IoT) mainly consists of (embedded) technology and is intended to make your product unique. How? By increasing value or reducing costs. Baulds implements and directs the entire IoT chain for customer products. The dates of the sensors (temperature, CO2) are stored in a platform (cloud) via networks (4G, LORA, NB-IoT). The sensor data is visible on a responsive dashboard in an intuitive way. We deliver custom work, but based on standard building blocks from our partners or ourselves. We specialize in NB-IoT, LORA and 3G / 4G modems, ARM microcontrollers, Bluetooth, WiFi and RF technology. Via our Genius Embedded Software Platform (GESP), we have developed powerful dashboards including Azure-IoT and PowerBI from Microsoft. We make products smarter so that the customer is ahead and remains distinctive.

How we can help

We have been working for a variety of clients in different sectors for over 10 years such as automotive, (machine building), transport sector, agri and the chemical industry. We come at a lot of different places and have seen a lot. We develop things together with our customers, so that in co-creation we can make your product smart. All with the goal so that you can be  distinctive in your market, that is what we aim for. Our customers have the necessary product knowledge and experience and know the market. We add our knowledge of technology to this.

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