Smart IoT solution for restaurants

ave you ever been at a restaurant and were waiting for what seemed a lifetime to catch the attention of the waiter to come over with another drink? The IoT Hackathon in TU Eindhoven presented us with 3 young innovative entrepreneurs that created a smart and innovative ordering system for restaurants to tackle this problem.

Although it does not have a name yet, the idea behind it is that the glass is connected with sensors that are connected to a screen controlled by the restaurant. If a customer wants to ask for one more drink, customers tap their glass off the table twice. If everyone at the table wants a refill, they tap their glass three times. Want to pay for your drink? Tap it off the table again.

Although this innovation has not been implemented commercially, we can see how it can be of benefit to restaurants and in making the customer’s experience more enjoyable.

Check out the story of the winners from the hackathon:


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