ProRail uses KPN's LoRa-network to monitor their rail network

PN, one of the initiating partners of the IoT Academy, has worked with ProRail in an attempt to optimise the railing system that is used in the Netherlands. Internet of Things presents an array of possibilities for ProRail. One of those possibilities is the LoRa network, which allows devices to exchange information with each other.

Railroad switches are essential elements in how the rail network operates in the Netherlands. With the chips inside the LoRa integration, ProRail is able to monitor the temperature of the train switches and have this information digitally transmitted to their databases so that they can analyse whether it is safe for the trains to operate.

If you consider the extent of adversaries that trains go through within the year, from temperature changes to rail traffic, this innovation can substantially improve rail in the Netherlands.

In the video below, ProRail manager, Chris Verstegen talks more in depth about how ProRail is integrating IoT:


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