Bam & KPN collaborate to innovate faster with smart home constructions

PN, one of the Netherland's biggest telecommunications organisations, collaborated with one of Europe’s biggest construction groups, BAM, to create smart IoT solutions in construction and electronics.

It started off with an IoT innovation workshop at IoT Academy in Rotterdam. During the co-creation session KPN and Bam partnered up to think about the future of the way we construct homes.

During the process of innovation, they used lean startup strategies, managing the project in short cycles. This allowed for innovations to come into fruition quickly, so that a Minimum Viable Product could be tested for market value at an early stage, saving money and time.

Two working prototypes were the result of this collaboration. Within three months, Bam and KPN created, developed and tested a 'smart window' and a 'smart building place'.

Smart Window:
This is an innovation whereby the window's frame inserted with sensors. These sensors then gather data about its surroundings, such as how the weather changes over the course of the day. It then analyzes this data and gives suggestions about improvements a homeowner could do. The insights gained might suggest closing the windows when it gets cold inside to preserve heating or even opening the windows to decrease the CO2 levels in the home if they get high.

Smart Building Place:
This innovation establishes a sustainable and efficient building process on construction places. Sensors are connected to the power distribution source so that the electricity can be accurately recorded and analyzed, gaining a greater understanding of energy use on a building site.

KPN plays an important role in that it allows for this innovation to work by distributing a fast connectivity service. This innovation is predicted to play a major role in environmental management and IoT Academy can not wait to watch how it develops.


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