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Dent is a product design and engineering agency that applies cutting edge technology in IoT solutions and services. We approach IoT with a holistic perspective and don’t hesitate to look how other nearby technologies could be integrated into product service combinations of the near future.
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What we do

Dent offers services throughout all phases of  the innovation traject. Our services include:

- Asset monitoring for remote insight and predictive use-cases

- Workshops & creative sessions, taking IoT & LoRa / LTE M communication as a starting point for innovations

- Product development (Prototyping, pilots, POC, MVP, CSP)

- White-labeling & customization of Dent products

How we can help

Dent can help your organisation with taking the first steps towards digital innovation. We are a young and flexible team, that aims to help organisations apply new solutions into their existing processes. We can help you with:

- Idea generation for digital innovation

- Help you take the first steps

- Concept / prototype development

- Cloud application integration

- Product development

Dent uses a network with experienced partners for scalability. Visit our website.

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