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KPN aims to let the Netherlands work more efficiently, consume less energy and make our digital infrastructure safer.
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What we do

We live in a special time. Almost every day there are new technological applications in the market that improve our lives. Think about sensors that measure the strength of dikes or streetlights which shall be set only when someone is nearby. You know 3G and 4G from your mobile phone. But did you know we have developed also a new network for the Internet of Things called: LoRa?

How we can help

At KPN we work every day on new applications that brings value to the Netherlands. We are focused on four themes: the Internet of Things, Smart Home and Smart City, E-health and Cybersecurity. For the Internet of Things, we developed a new energy-efficient wireless network called Lora which devices thats send low data over a long distance links to the Internet.

Do you have a question about LoRa? Visit our KPN LoRa forum:

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