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Munisense gives you direct online insights in noise levels, water quality, groundwater levels and the air pollution. This helps managers and policy makers to measure on a realtime base, from a distance, more realiable and smarter.
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What we do

Our IoT sensor solutions measure the level of sound at events and constructions sides, can detect fireworks, or measure the air pollution based on CO2 levels. This data can be validated, correlated and visualized for you. This valuable data can help your organization for making important policy descisions. The Munisense IoT solutions are a combination of smart hardware and our innovative software platform.

How we can help

Our smart city solutions gives you online insights in for example noise pollution, water levels, water and air quality. Furthermore, smart city solutions provide for effective monitoring and improvements of habitats. We integrate IoT solutions to measure, regulate and control at low costs. This is also available for places where autonomy of power supply and data communication is of great importance. You can reach out to us for free advice. Visit our website for more information at munisense.com.

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