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Groundbreaking innovation at a unique location
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What we do

RDM Next is a creative consultancy aimed at achieving innovation. Moreover RDM Next helps to build various innovative initiatives. This often happens in cooperation with other parties. Examples of previous initiatives by RDM Next are RAMLAN, Captain AI and Dent IoT. The knowledge that is built up in these projects is shared in workshops, keynotes and creative sessions. In these the focus lies on building the knowledge needed to develop, and development in order to create value. We don’t talk, we do!

How we can help

RDM Next helps you in developing your innovation strategy. This can start by building knowledge in the field of emerging technologies: What are they, and how do you apply them? From this starting point we offer various tools and methods that can help you ánd your team to move forward. Standing still is moving backwords, RDM Next helps you to move forwards!

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