Sense for Innovation

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Sense for Innovation is your answer to innovate in an affordable way with wireless ultra-low-power Internet of Things projects.
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What we do

Sense for Innovation makes it possible to deliver asuitable IoT solution for your question quickly and affordably. Based on a standard IoT module developed in-house, we link your existing systems or efficiently develop new solutions specifically for your application. Prototyping with our standard module means that any development within the PoC phase is immediately the basis for the ready-to-market phase. We have used this technology with our own devices and it's also available for third parties.

How we can help

You can contact us for:
- our standard IoT hardware module to realize your own projects
- digital monitoring within ecosystems with an emphasis on pest control
- tracking systems for animals and assets so that you always know where they are located.

Our smart solutions are wireless and directly ready for use. The data is available via our Mobile App and via our API we can ensure seamless integration on your own systems.

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