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With the Data Management workshop you will search for data sources within your organisation. By combining data sources, you will come up with new insights.


What to expect

The Data Management workshop is ideal if you want to include your company or department in the Big Data developments. Participants do not need extensive data or IT knowledge for this. Using the Lemonade Game we will make data accessible and you will become aware of the different types of data. Afterwards, we will brainstorm the steps of data management within your organisation under the guidance of experienced instructors.

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During this brainstorm, participants are challenged to make their ideas known. This works best when employees from different disciplines take part in the workshop (marketing, operation and IT). Together we look at the issues within the organisation, and how Data Management could contribute positively if you had all the imaginable data at your disposal. The ideas are bundled and presented to each other. Then the best idea is selected.

KPN can then facilitate the elaboration of the chosen idea in the form of a Data Management proposal, in which an initial impetus is made to arrive at a Data Lake that makes the data combinations conceived during the workshop possible. The workshop not only contributes to a better understanding of the possibilities of Big Data, but also develops concrete steps towards possible solutions.

During this workshop you will:

• Learn which different data sources are available

• What the role of IoT data can be

• Explore the Big Data possibilities for your company

• Create concrete ideas for further development

• Start with a first step towards a Data Lake, a central place where you have easy access to data and insights.

Where is the workshop organized?

A workshop can be given at any location, but it is easiest (and much more fun) to do it at the IoT Academy. We start in the morning or in the afternoon and the workshop takes about four hours.

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