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New: Business Case Validation Workshop


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In the validation workshop, you will find new opportunities within your organization, together with us and what you offer.


What to expect

During the workshop, we easily convert the bottlenecks found into ideas. During validation, we discover whether ideas will become a success, even before we have fully developed the solution. This way we ensure that we make the right choices together.

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With the right handles it will be much easier to innovate. In the workshop, we use different tools. We convert those tools into concrete questions, so that you can start immediately. Before we get started with these tools, we ensure that you really understand them so that you can continue to apply them.

At the end of the workshop, we have taken concrete steps in development. You also have the right tools for further development. You also get access to our IoT partners who can help you with your next step, depending on your needs. IoT we do together!

Of course we would like to stay involved, by regularly re-aligning with you.

Who is this workshop for?

The business case validation workshop is ideal if you are already familiar with IoT, and want to apply it specifically within your own company. Or if you already have a concrete case and want to tighten it. When you need to discover what IoT is and for which application areas it can offer benefits in your company, you could first go through the Depp Dive IoT Workshop. After the Deep Dive IoT workshop, you will know what IoT delivers and will have some ideas to get started. The business case validation workshop is a logical continuation if you want to validate your ideas and a business case. Both workshops last one day.

Where is the workshop held?

A workshop can be given at any location, but it is easier (and much more fun) to do it at the IoT Academy. The workshop lasts all day but can be shortened to 1 day part on special request. We start in the morning or in the afternoon and the workshop lasts instead of seven hours than about four hours.

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