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Get started with Machine Learning


What to expect

Take your company or team into the latest developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence in the Machine Learning workshop. Machine Learning is nowadays a frequently heard term. This is because developments in the last ten years ensure that computers can take on more and more tasks that previously could only be done by people. And they can do that more accurately, faster and 24/7.

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Content of the workshop
After a theoretical introduction you will get started with the AIY Vision Kit from Google to find out what you need to take into account if you want to apply Machine Learning within your own processes. Hereby Machine Learning can be used to create ultimate sensors, and to make IoT solutions redundant.

Under the guidance of our facilitators, we then think together about what Machine Learning can mean for your company. We elaborate the best ideas into action points where we already can start with the next day. Further in the process, you can also receive help from out partners. In this way you get to know all the steps you need to take in a low-threshold and practical way to apply Machine Learning within your own organization.

Location and time
The Machine Learning workshop can be given at any location, but it is best to have it in our Innovation Dock. We take a whole morning or afternoon for this, where we have enough time for theory and practice.

Example program
08:45 of 12:00 // Arrival with coffee or lunch
09:00 of 13:00 // Guided tour Innovation Dock

09:30 of 13:30 // Start Machine Learning Workshop

10:00 of 14:00 // Getting started with AIY Vision Kit
10:30 of 14:30 // Creative session
12:30 of 16:30 // Presentation ideas and action items

13:00 of 17:00 // Lunch or drinks

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