Amsterdam is becoming a Smart City.

lot of cities are currently trying to develop themselves into a Smart City. A Smart City contains all kinds of smart appliances, like a parking spots, bins and street lights that can communicate with each other and with the city. Amsterdam is one of the cities focused on becoming a Smart City and just started a Smart Light test at the Amsterdam Arena.

One of the purposes for these smart streetlights is to save energy. The lights could, for example only shine if someone was close by or adapt itself to the needs of its surrounding. In this instance the lights could shine extra bright when there is nothing but fog.

Another purpose for these smart streetlights is to use them to collect information about the citizens and the surrounding environment. They will be able to measure air quality, sound level, and in certain cases they will even contain a camera. These streetlights will also contain a speaker and a microphone so that law enforcement or other emergency services can give passersby guidance in case of emergency.

These air quality measurements could in the near future be used to give personal advice to asthma patients. These patients can, for instance, be given information through their smartphone about which streets they should avoid.

These Smart Lights will in the near future also be tested in shopping Centre The Amsterdamse Poort and neighboring neighborhoods. We can not wait for the future and how these Smart Light and their applications will develop even further.

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