KPN and the Royal Army’s new innovative IoT weapon

PN Chief Commercial Officer, Frank van der Post, and Deputy Commander of Land Forces, Major General Martin Wines came together earlier this month in IoT Academy to officially put pen to paper on their new collaboration in creating IoT weaponry for the future.

They are calling it Milsenz. It’s the size of a tennis ball but is packed with delicate sensors that analyse its surroundings with great precision, informing soldiers of approaching enemies.

The idea came from an ideation session, hosted by experienced military personnel, as they came together.

Its sensors can acknowledge as movements, noise, heat and light. It is created very cheaply using 3D printers and can be moulded into every kind of shape. It can be thrown into almost any type of landscape or situation and blend it seamlessly.

"We want to help our clients develop and implement innovative ICT solutions to improve and effectively carry out their own work," said Frank van der Post, Chief Commercial Officer at KPN.

The Royal Army in the Netherlands acknowledges that innovative technology plays a very important role in enhancing military operations and make the army more efficient and effective. They plan on showcasing this Dutch innovation in America next where the NAVO is hosting a military exercise.

The agreement plays a very important role in establishing a greater relationship between IoT Academy and the Royal Army. View the highlights of the event we organized together with the Royal Army below:


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