New IoT Business Model for cleaning company Vebego

ebego, a leading cleaning company in The Netherlands, attended a 1 day Internet of Things Workshop at IoT Academy. In only one day they expanded their business model from only cleaning to becoming consultants in climate control.

Vebego saw that there was a trend emerging with Internet and ICT. They noticed that previously known traditional groups, have no experience or knew very little about the internet or ICT. Together with the IoT Academy Vobego created in six weeks a working IoT solutions.

Vebego created also Hago Next, it allowed their cleaners to use their smartphone during work. They were told to record their work that they did and look at things that is going right and wrong and then give that information to another team in the company to analyse its efficiency. The customers are also able to give their opinions of the work, promoting transparency with the service, to make sure clients are fully satisfied.

Another Vebego backed company, Alpheios developed a sustainable cleaning product called Vevo. They improved the entire process around cleaning, ensuring that cleaning is truly ‘clean’. Vive products earned the recognised ‘European Ecolabel’, given by the European Commission, which acknowledges environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

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